How would your business survive
if you were to suffer a disability?

Have you thought about what would happen if you or one of your key staff members were to die or suffer a disability? Your business may be stable and secure today, but are you prepared for the unexpected?

Michael Devine Insurance offers a range of business insurance covers to suit your specific needs. With good planning you can have the assurance you need to face unforeseen events and protect the value of your business.


Partnership Assurance

In the event of sudden death of your business partner; this cover provides you with funds to purchase your partner’s share in the business and continue on financially secure.  


Key Person Assurance

This cover compensates your business in the event of financial loss should a key person suffer a disability, critical illness or death.


Disability Income Protection

If you were to suffer a disability that means you cannot work, you will be paid a regular guaranteed income until your death or until you are well enough to return to work.