Your life, health & wealth are your
most precious possessions.

In an uncertain world, you need to take steps to protect them.

At Michael Devine Insurance our range of personal insurance plans can help you prepare for any unforeseen events that may come your way, such as an injury, illness or traumatic event. These circumstances may be beyond your control – but you can control the protection of your life and lifestyle in the aftermath of these events.

Michael Devine Insurance will undertake to review your current obligations and design a package that meets your profile.

Here at Michael Devine Insurance, we can help you with all your personal insurance needs…​

  • Life Assurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Income Assurance
  • Trauma Assurance
  • Progressive Care
  • Mortgage Repayment Assurance


Life Assurance

Term Life Cover and Family Protection Benefit.

This cover gives your family a guaranteed income in the event of your early death. A lump sum payment is made that ensures your family can carry on financially after your death and maintain their current lifestyle. Choosing life insurance can be complicated. It can involve closing out pre-existing cover to strengthen your overall package. In times of need we can end up over insured as well. We can provide you with a package that suits your current needs and concerns.


Health Insurance

We offer a range of options including: cover for private hospital surgical treatment; Specialists and Tests; cover for private hospital non – surgical treatment; oral surgery; diagnostic procedures; accommodation support; public hospital cash benefit; overseas medical treatment; transfer costs.


Income Assurance

Disability Income Protection.

If you were to suffer a disability that means you cannot work, you will be paid a regular guaranteed income until your death or until you are well enough to return to work.


Mortgage Repayment Assurance

Mortgage & Income Protection cover can pay you regular monthly benefit to replace your income or cover your mortgage repayments if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Trauma / Living Assurance

This cover is designed to pay a lump sum to you if you suffer a critical illness to ensure that you can cope with its effects on your lifestyle, family and work.


Progressive Care

Progressive Care is a type of insurance that is new to New Zealand. It’s not a traditional all-or-nothing trauma insurance, which just gives you one lump sum when you’re critically ill. Progressive Care can pay out more often, giving you financial support when you need it. Benefit payments are linked to the severity of your medical condition – the more serious it is, the larger the pay-out.